Lesson Fees:

Fees are due and collected before the 1st of each month.

The tuition fee is to reserve a private monthly time slot once a week based on 4 lessons per month.
You will receive a monthly statement before your lesson and It is the responsibility of the student to remember the payment.


I accept cash. I also accept all major credit cards.

Make Up Lessons:

Due to the lack of availability in my schedule, there are no make-up lessons. Prices for lessons are based on a discounted flat rate such as: ($100.00 a month for a 30 minute weekly lesson)

There are 2 lesson plans:

4-30 minute lessons each month for $100.00
4-60 minute lessons each month for $200.00

If there is a problem or you can't make your lesson please have the common courtesy to call 425.512.3609
email: thevocalcoach.ad@gmail.com

Late students will receive a shorter lesson.
Please make sure that you have your required materials such as Lyrics, Song Tracks, Karoeke Tracks, and other assigned materials or project.


"No Shows":
Students that do not show up for their lesson will still be charged for those lessons and may run the risk of losing their time slot. Please contact me if you have a conflict. 425.512.3609


Messages: Phone / Email / Text
I cannot answer the phone during a student's lesson. Please leave a voice mail or a text message and I will try to contact you when I have a break. Students may contact me via email: thevocalcoach.ad@gmail.com or text message: 425.512.3609


My fee is based on monthly lessons. Students have a Private Lesson at the same appointed time each week.

Should you need to change your lesson time, please call 425.512.3609 and let me know. I will
do all that I can to accommodate you, however, I teach many students and the schedule at times get full.


Discontinuing Lessons:
I ask that all students give me a 30 day notice when they want to discontinue their lessons. Students who stop taking lessons without informing me will be charged for those missed lessons.


Lesson Materials:
Lesson fees do not include books, tracks and other materials. Students must supply the tracks, lyrics and other materials needed to work on technique and performance pieces. I will supply discs with scales and other materials.

Late Fee:
Tuition recieved after the first day of the month will be considered late and will incur a $10 late fee for each 30-day period that payment is not made in full. Tuition payments are non-refundable.